Models, dancers, hair stylists, fashion designers, fashion retailers and makeup artists are all essential roles for a successful fashion fundraiser—and these wonderful and talented people are contributing their time and energy to RED out of the generosity of their hearts. The passion they demonstrate for helping people living with HIV/AIDS is truly humbling. Thank you for your dedication to making RED a success.

RED Team

Lawrence Cryer

Assistant Production Manager

Nate Fadear

Asst Stage Manager/Choreographer

Hemingway Ladouceur

Fashion Director

Kiira Saari

Assistant Stylist

Brad Mitchell

Décor Director

Special Guests

Marie-Pier Courtier

Posh Spice

David C Jones


Raye Sunshine

as Britney Spears


Designers & Clothing Providers


Volume Studio

Andrea McCleary
Cilanne Martens
Kirby Epps
Kristopher Maxwell
Marie-Pier Couturier
Pamela Pelland
Susan Maksymchuk
Victoria Jazic

In.Salon & Is.Salon

Aleks Miko
Alex Sam
Brett Roboch
Collin Orchyk
Emily Rasmussen
Joey Gypsy Vanity
Josh Moldenhaur
Kanako Igari
Kayla Macdonald
Lauren O’Grady
Mars Chung
Robert Dicks
Zachary Jackson
Zahra Dee

The Lounge Hair Studio

Jordon Turner
Lance Blanchette
Mari Fuji
Martin Hillier
Renata Molinar

The MAC Cosmetics Team

Conniet Lo
Debbie Chen
Dee Anne McLellan
Elizabeth Layton
Karri Moffatt
Kemlyn Ibrado
Kerry Todd
Lyle Reimer