If you have any questions about RED or Positive Living Society of BC, please contact us directly.

Event coordinator
Ken Coolen
Positive Living BC
Tel: 604-893-2242
E-mail: kenc@positivelivingbc.org

Production inquiries
Dean Thullner
Tel: 778-996-5678
E-mail: deant@volumestudio.org

For sponsorship information contact
Zoran Stjepanovic
Director of Development
Positive Living BC
Tel: 604-893-2282
Email: zorans@positivelivingbc.org

Media inquiries
Adam Reibin
Director of Communications
Positive Living BC
Tel: 604-612-0222
E-mail: adamr@positivelivingbc.org

Mailing address
Positive Living Society of BC
803 Hastings Street East
Vancouver, BC  V6A 1R8